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Creative Living


Living a Creative Life

Living a Creative Life






observe everything really “see”

choose to be creative in all that you do

have fun and trust your own process


create for you and when it works for you


take time for solitude.

turn life’s obstacles around. (see through rose colored glasses)

seek out new experiences.

“fail up.” See failure or mistakes as process and opportunity

ask the big questions. What if?

people-watch .nature watch



take risks. Stretch, unfurl, unfold grow.

view all of life as an opportunity for self-expression. See your uniqueness.

follow your true passions.

get out of their own head and stop seeing life and experiences through grey glasses..

lose track of the time. Time is your friend..

surround yourself with beauty.

Follow the trail know your own path.

Listen to your own drummer

Follow your intuition

Play play play

Explore experiment be an creative alchemist

make time for mindfulness. Slow down and stop to smell the roses.

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Power of Affirmation and Vision Boards


Art and Soul2


The Power of Affirmations


Musing and Mumbling with Mumbling







this is another video that I created yesterday… I wanted to share the magic and power of using affirmations in my own life. I have used affirmations for years and I know they work … have used them as a tool in many life transitions. I believe that they are life tools that can be taken out and used in any situation…I am planning to creae a vision board for the new creative projects that I have for the spring  and post it here.. I would really like to see how you use affirmations in your life and also your vision boards… Please share and leave coments on how you use these tools in your life. would love to see them… Joy

Three tools for manifestation

1. journaling what do you want to create or bring into your? Brainstorm

2. Write out affirmations according to your individual goals (presentence)

3. Create a Vision board depicting your goals (Don’t forget power words)

4. Use these affirmations daily

5. Place your vision board where you can see it

6. Make it into a card that you can take with you or write your affirmations on a post-it not

Ok I realize that this is not exactly blogging but it is what is on my

mind at this moment…Stay tuned  Joy