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Embrace Change

Embrace Change

  Embrace I want to embrace the new year and all its possibilities I wan to embrace the opportunities in creating my new vision of intention. I want to embrace the magic the magical the magnificence the miracles all around me I want to embrace the moment and as Mom used to say Life is like a glass of wine and I needed to savor the sweetness and drink it up to the last drop… Well I would not use the metaphor of wine. But I do want to savor every sweet droplet of my life and drink it to the fullest until the last drop I cast my wish out to the universe now Embrace all life with open arms….
I embrace love…
I embrace prosperity I embrace peace
I embrace creativity
I embrace laughter I embrace health
I embrace success I embrace joy I embrace goodness I embrace wonder I embrace beauty
I embrace transformation I embrace growth I embrace change


Mindful Creativity

Mindful Creativity

Choose to be creative in all that you do

have fun and trust your own process

create for you and when it works for you

take time for solitude.

turn life’s obstacles around. (see through rose colored glasses)

seek out new experiences.

“fail up.” See failure or mistakes as process and opportunity

ask the big questions. What if?

people-watch .nature watch

take risks. Stretch, unfurl, unfold grow.

view all of life as an opportunity for self-expression. See your uniqueness.

follow your true passions.

get out of their own head and stop seeing life and experiences through grey glasses..

lose track of the time. Time is your friend..

surround yourself with beauty.

Follow the trail know your own path.

Listen to your own drummer

Follow your intuition

Play play play

Explore experiment be an creative alchemist

make time for mindfulness. Slow down and stop to smell the roses.