Embrace Change

Embrace Change

  Embrace I want to embrace the new year and all its possibilities I wan to embrace the opportunities in creating my new vision of intention. I want to embrace the magic the magical the magnificence the miracles all around me I want to embrace the moment and as Mom used to say Life is like a glass of wine and I needed to savor the sweetness and drink it up to the last drop… Well I would not use the metaphor of wine. But I do want to savor every sweet droplet of my life and drink it to the fullest until the last drop I cast my wish out to the universe now Embrace all life with open arms….
I embrace love…
I embrace prosperity I embrace peace
I embrace creativity
I embrace laughter I embrace health
I embrace success I embrace joy I embrace goodness I embrace wonder I embrace beauty
I embrace transformation I embrace growth I embrace change


About joyofartstudio

I think of myself first and foremost a creator of joy in all that I am and do. I live that joy each day and also create it and share it in my work as an art teacher, artist, group facilitator and creative/ intuitive coach. I love life and connecting. My mission as a creative is to share the joy and the light of creativity, the magic the love and all that living that joy entails. As an artist, I am an alchemist transforming material into art. I would love to talk to you as we form a creative connection. I can be reached on https://www.facebook.com/joyof.art http://joyof-art.com/

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