I am creating an E book and putting together material for intuitive and creative coaching skills. I am offering a free pilot program for those who are interested partnering with me to create your own dreams. The practice will include keeping an on-going journal of your process, inner work, meditation, creative assignments, dream boards, intuitive development, goal setting, and contracting, visualization, affirmations, and one to one individual partnering. I am a multimedia artist, creative facilitator, expressive art
coordinator and art teacher, intuitive counselor and spiritual consultant, women’s group, leader and owner of the Joy of Art Studio. I have been in the creative and intuitive field for twenty five years and I work with all forms of creativity both in my own art and working with children and adults.

If you are someone who wants to take the seed of possibilities and bring and create your own dream, contact me through joyof_art@msn.com

I am excited to work with you and I know that it will be a dynamic and powerful journey. One step begins the journey, one seed is all it takes to create the garden of your dream.

Beginning November 4th

12 weeks


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